Northern California’s businesses are as diverse as its population, and each individual business has a unique set of security needs.  Addressing the differing needs and conditions specific to a particular kind of business is crucial to providing an appropriate security program that will protect our customers’ assets: clients, patrons, business partners, employees, equipment, supplies, facilities, and intellectual property.

EKS Security Inc. offers its clients a comprehensive physical security risk assessment of their facilities and their operations through the use of security audits, surveys and analysis.  Based on the vulnerabilities we identify, we make recommendations so that our clients can take corrective measures to reduce or prevent exposure to risk and liabilities.  In addition, we collaborate with our clients to design and implement security programs that address their specific needs as well as to create, maintain and promote a secure and safe environment.

Regardless of the type of industry or size of organization you are managing, EKS Security Inc. can improve your current security program.