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Child Fingerprinting

The loss of a child due to an abduction it's every parent's nightmare.  When this happens, parents ask themselves what they could've done differently in protecting their children.  Unfortunately, for many parents, there are no second chances.

Matching a missing child with the children reported missing is an important aspect of reuniting abducted or lost children with their parents.  In order to ease the comparison process, it is critical for parents or legal guardians to provide vital information about their child to detectives; ideally, a detailed description of the child, current photo, fingerprints, and DNA.

Our child fingerprinting service is a great solution for proactive parents.  It consists of digitalizing  each child's fingerprints and palm prints, video recording the child, taking pictures of the child's face, and documenting personal, demographics, and health information of the child (information is to be provided to us by the parent).  The information is stored on a C.D.  The cost for the child fingerprint service is $30.

Additionally, a child ID card can be purchased for $10.  The child ID card will note the child's doctor name and information regarding the child's known illnesses, allergies and medications.